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Veteran's Assistance

Are you a Veteran interested in living at Pleasant Escape, but worried you won't be able to afford it? Visit our Veteran's Assistance page to learn more about financial assistance available to you.

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Veteran's Assistance

It is possible to receive financial veteran's assistance to cover costs associated with living at Pleasant Escape, and we want to make sure that all veterans are aware of their options. We have compiled a list of several websites and documents that should be helpful to those interested in learning more about the assistance available to veterans. Please reveiw the links below and visit for more information:


Information and Instructions for Completing the Veteran's Application for Compensation and/or Pension, United States Department of Veteran's Affairs:



Information on the Aid and Attendance Program:



If you need assitance in this area, feel free to stop by or give us a call (574-516-1567).