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4 Crucial Safety Questions to Ask When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility in Logansport, IN

Are you considering working with an assisted living facility for the care of a senior loved one? Do they need extra help to remain independent? Choosing an assisted living facility in Logansport, IN to help look after a family member can alleviate some of the pressure on your family, but making the right choice is critical for the safety and long-term mental health of your loved one. It is imperative you alleviate your safety concerns when placing a family member in a care facility. Ask the following four crucial safety questions when choosing an assisted living facility; you and your family member are likely to be happier with your ultimate decision.

What Types of Residents are You Licensed to Admit?

Before choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one, you will want to know which types of residents they are allowed to admit to their facility. Do they admit everyone over the legal age as long as they're not deemed a violent offender? Do they only admit individuals with specific mental or physical impairments? Unfortunately, many family members realize too late that some assisted living facilities will accept just about anyone with the financial means to pay for services. Before you sign a contract for your loved one to receive specialized care, make sure you fully understand the facility's policies on admitting new residents.

What Safety Protocols are in Place to Protect Residents

Safety protocols vary from one assisted living facility to another. Finding an assisted living facility in Logansport, IN that provides the safety features, process, and technology to alleviate your family's concerns is a must. Before looking into residential care, make a list of safety must-haves and make sure that the assisted living facility you choose provides what you are looking for. Remember, your loved one will be a resident of the facility you choose, so you can never be too sure about the facilities you are exploring.

What Is Your Communication Policy for Dealing with Complaints?

Another key concern when choosing the best care home for a loved one should be the communication policy of an assisted living facility. Does the care home expect you to just raise your concerns with care aides or is there a communication policy in place that will allow you to address your concerns to facility management and nursing staff at the same time? Some care homes have no formal communication policy in place, meaning it can be hit-or-miss to get your concerns addressed in an effective manner.

Who Can Family Members Speak to If Problems Aren't Dealt With?

Not every concern you have about an assisted living facility will be dealt with in a satisfactory manner. You'll want to know in advance who you can complain to if you feel your concerns aren't being dealt with in an appropriate way. Is there an outside body you can connect with regarding patient safety concerns? Can you speak with the Director of Care or Patient Advisory Council and have them intervene? The more information you have about protecting your loved one, the more confident you'll feel about entrusting a care home to look after your family member.

Ask these four crucial safety questions when choosing an assisted living facility and your chances of finding a suitable home greatly increase. Placing a loved one in a care home can be emotionally trying. Getting the right answers to your safety concerns in advance can help to alleviate your concerns.

Pleasant Escape Provides a Unique Approach to Residential Care

Pleasant Escape is a premier senior home in the Logansport, IN area. We provide a home-like experience to residents and a communication-focused senior living approach for families. If you would like to learn more about what makes Pleasant Escape different and the safety protocols we have in place to keep residents safe and secure, call us today.

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