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4 Reasons to Consider a Senior Living Community

Senior living communities, such as Pleasant Escape, provide seniors with many benefits that other senior care solutions may not provide. Here are 4 reasons to consider a senior living community in Logansport, IN.

Identifying the best housing solution for a senior loved one in Logansport, IN can be challenging! There are many in-home and out-of-home options available with a range of services provided. Senior living communities provide some benefits that are often overlooked when comparing senior living communities vs aging-in-place alternatives. If you are looking into senior care options or are considering a senior living community, such as Pleasant Escape, here are 4 reasons a senior community may be the best option for your aging loved one. Companionship One of the most important reasons to choose a senior living community is companionship. Seniors who reside in a senior living community have access to other adults their age and can build friendships with other residents and staff. Unlike other care options, residents in senior living communities have access to others 24 hours a day. Being a part of a real community and having access to others can help combat loneliness, which is a growing problem in the senior demographic. In fact, according to a University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) research study, 40% of seniors experience loneliness regularly. Companionship has been shown to improve mood and health. If your senior loved one would benefit from being around others, you may want to consider a senior living community, such as Pleasant Escape in Logansport, Indiana. On-Site Safety Another reason to explore senior living communities over aging-in-place options is safety. Senior living communities, like Pleasant Escape, have staff available around-the-clock to assist if any issue arises, such as a fall. Most senior living facilities also have security systems and video surveillance to protect residents at all times. On-site safety and 24-hour access to help can alleviate concerns and provide you and your family with peace of mind that your loved one is safe and in good hands. If you are looking for a senior housing solution that provides you with peace of mind, a senior community may be the best option for your loved one. Private Rooms & Baths Senior living communities, like Pleasant Escape, aim to provide residents with a home-like experience. Residents have access to private rooms and bathrooms. The goal is to provide residents with privacy, and access to common rooms when they want to interact with others. You and your family may be surprised at how home like a senior living community can be. If you are looking for a home-like atmosphere with private rooms and bathrooms, access to amenities, and security, a senior living community, such as Pleasant Escape, maybe the right solution for you and your senior loved one. Nutrition Having access to healthy, nutritious meals is an important component of the aging process. Many senior living communities provide meals to residents that offer the nutritional value that they need to remain healthy and combat age-related medical issues. In fact, having access to protein can help seniors, and other adults combat muscle-loss, typical of aging. Are you concerned that your senior loved one does not have access to a nutrition-focused meal plan? If so, a senior living community, like Pleasant Escape, may be right for them. Interested in Learning More About Pleasant Escape? Pleasant Escape is a home-like senior living community located in Logansport, IN. The Pleasant Escape team is focused on providing residents with a boutique senior living experience that feels like home. If you would like to learn more about Pleasant Escape, call (574) 516-1567.

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