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7 Tips To Make Senior Travel More Comfortable and Convenient

Research Your Destination Carefully

Seniors can find a world of interesting travel destinations that are accessible to those with limited energy reserves or mobility problems. These destinations have carefully designed their transportation methods and entertainment venues to be easy to get to and to navigate for families, seniors and others who need a little help when on vacation. Many picturesque cities, such as Savannah, St. Augustine, Chicago, Boston or New Orleans have hop-on, hop-off tours that allow you to ride from site to site in comfort. Even outdoor areas like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park have shuttle buses or tours that can make travel to these extraordinary sights easy and enjoyable for seniors who cannot endure long walks from point to point.

Pack Light, But Smart

Dragging a heavy suitcase around when you're a senior can be an exhausting task, even when it has wheels. Plan your packing carefully, always trying to have items do double duty. Use a color palette that you can mix and match. A long skirt can work for both sightseeing and dinner. A large shawl can serve as beach sarong, an evening shawl and some extra warmth around the neck in chilly weather. Only bring shoes that do two jobs, such as being comfortable enough for sightseeing and attractive enough for going out in the evening. Quick-dry clothing will allow you to do laundry and be ready for the next day's excursion with a fresh outfit.

Bring A Pocket Notebook

You will find that having a small notebook on hand will prevent those lapses in memory that sometimes occur when you are in new places. Jot down your hotel address and phone number, as well as other pertinent information you may want to keep at hand. You can also use it to jot down transportation stops or special attractions you want to visit.

Bring Extra Medication & Supplies

If you take medication regularly, ensure that you have an additional amount with you. Keep some of it in your suitcase and another amount in your purse or carry-on bag, so that it will always be with you. This measure can help to avoid scrambling to get a refill if your bags are misdirected or if you lose your purse. If you have a hearing aid, pack some extra batteries so you don't have to scramble to find the right size for your device.

Bring An Extra Pair of Glasses

Pack an extra pair of glasses in case you unexpectedly break or lose your glasses. This measure will prevent your having to squint your way through the vacation. This measure will also help those who might lose or damage a contact lens while on their trip.

Staying Healthy & Comfortable

Seniors, in particular, need to be aware of the physical strains of traveling. Make sure you stay hydrated on airplanes and other vehicles by drinking plenty of water. Keep important medications on hand. Try to stay on a regular eating schedule, and bring protein bars or granola on hand, in case meals are delayed. A small, foldable backpack or tote bag is a convenient way to carry these extra items, in addition to any purchases you make during your travels. Take opportunities to sit and rest wherever you get the chance. This measure will conserve your energy, and it will also allow you a moment to take in the local color. Pack a travel umbrella that folds into a convenient size to carry in a purse or backpack.

Stay Safe When Traveling

  • Travel experts recommend several actions you can take to ensure that you stay safe in unfamiliar places:

  • Leave your good jewelry at home to avoid attracting pickpockets and thieves.

  • Use a money belt or shoulder bag that can be kept close to your body for cash, credit cards and important papers.

  • Know where you're going. If necessary, use taxis or local guides to ensure your safety to more remote areas.

  • Keep your bags between your feet to discourage luggage thieves.

  • When out at night, stay with a group.

These tips can help you stay safe and healthy while traveling in your senior years. They can also ensure that you are a confident traveler, no matter where you go.

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