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Four Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Get Older

As your body and mind begin to age, the neural connections that once formed quickly and easily can start to slow down, causing you to forget things and take longer to complete basic tasks. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to stay sharp as you get older.

Learn something new

When you learn something new, such as a foreign language or a musical instrument, it stimulates your brain cells and causes them to multiply and grow. The very fact that you are posing a new challenge to your brain almost forces it to adapt. Learning also helps keep the neural connections smooth and elastic. Learning a new skill can be gratifying, regardless of how challenging the new skill is to master. At Pleasant Escape, we are constantly challenging our residents to engage in new brain sharpening and socially gratifying activities.

Declutter your brain

The fact is that mental functions do slow down with age. However, this is an obstacle that you can work around. Decluttering your brain of unnecessary information is one way to do it. Instead of trying to constantly remember birthdays, anniversaries, or phone numbers, simply jot them down into a notebook instead. This will free up some space in your memory for other new information. If you are a tech savvy senior, there are also many apps available to help you remember important dates and information.


This is a trick that you can use no matter your age. If you wish to remember something you heard, read, or a new idea, just repeat it again and then write it down immediately. This way you are reminding your brain that the information is important and it better not forget it. During the course of the day, repeat what you want to remember again. The brain will lock it up in one of its vaults.

Go out and socialize

As you get older, it becomes increasingly important to get out and meet new people. You could join a book club, a swim club, or take dance lessons. The social interactions which take place at activities such as these provide your brain with a great workout. If you are exploring independent living facilities in Logansport, IN for you or your loved one, consider looking for a community that focuses on socialization and community. At Pleasant Escape, we believe that interaction with others is the foundation of healthy aging.

In Closing

Getting older does not need to mean slowing down mentally. By following the tips contained in this article, you can keep your brain sharp for many years to come.

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