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Top 5 Helpful iPad Apps for Seniors

While iPads are often seen in the hands of toddlers, teenagers, and young professionals, they aren't only for younger, tech-savvy generations! There are plenty of apps available for seniors, too, making the iPad a popular device for all ages.

Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker

Heartwise is a great iPad app that allows you to track your blood pressure over a period of time. The app presents all your data in graphical form, making it easy to spot changes and abnormal patterns. It records systolic and diastolic blood pressure, weight measurements, heart rate and more, then works out averages and danger zones. The app can also share data with your doctor, so they can monitor your health.


Do you have trouble remembering to take your medications? Then Pillboxie is the app for you! Pillboxie allows you to create medication combinations, and schedule when you are supposed to take them. The simple, visual interface offers 40 combinations of pill shapes and colors, and lets you set up multiple schedule reminders so a medication is never forgotten.

Dragon Dictation

This app simplifies life for seniors who have trouble texting or typing on small devices. Dragon Dictation allows you to create emails, social media status updates, texts, and other notes by simply speaking into the phone and letting the app transcribe the words. This is also a great time saver for anyone who cannot type quickly, or likes to dictate while they're doing something else.

Red Panic Button

The Red Panic Button is a must-have app for seniors who live alone. In case of an accident, you simply tap on a selected button and an alert with your GPS coordinates is sent to a list of pre-selected contacts, such as family members or the local hospital. Alerts are sent by any combination of text messages and email to guarantee your contacts are notified, regardless of whether they are connected to the Internet or not.


Lumosity is a memory-training app for the iPad that focuses on improving memory and overall brain power. You can improve your memory, attention span, and speed by playing fun games that are scientifically proven to improve your mental prowess. The scoring feature not only makes the app more fun, but also gives an accurate assessment of your improvement and progress.

Whether it is scheduling medication reminders or training your brain, there are lots of iPad apps available for seniors that can be used to improve everyday life. While these are five of the most popular app options right now, there are many more available in the iTunes store that can help simplify life.

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